HTML5 SCOM Dashboard - Getting Started

SCOM Dashboards, Reimagined

Unlock your monitoring data with beautifully fast HTML5 dashboards for Microsoft System Center.

Your enterprise monitoring will never look the same again.

HTML5 SCOM Dashboard - Application Mapping

Enterprise Application Monitoring

Automatically map your business applications and monitor end-to-end availability and performance.

The benefits of APM, scaled across every enterprise application.

HTML5 SCOM Dashboard - Designer

A Single Pane of Glass for IT Ops

360-degree visibility of application performance, powered by the monitoring you already own.

No more war rooms, no more blame game.

Trusted by leading enterprises worldwide

Simple, Affordable Pricing

We believe in a different approach to selling enterprise IT software: No mysteries, no hard sell. That’s why Squared Up is an affordable, flexible, annual subscription with totally transparent pricing.


Discover the essential HTML5 dashboards for SCOM
$ 1,200+
per year


Transform your monitoring with the complete dashboard solution
$ 6,000+
per year


Scale the benefits of APM to all your applications
$ 9,800+
per year

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