100th Question on Community Answers!

We recently released BETA access to our new Community Resource, Community AnswersBETA  - a question and answer platform aiming to build a detailed library of answers to questions about SCOM, OMS, SquaredUp or related technologies.

We've now PASSED our 100th Question!

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Thanks to Scott Banyas for taking us over the 100 mark, and reaching out to the Community to ask about “Simple” dashboard showing status of SQL services.


For some time, we've been conscious that there's a huge SCOM community blessed with great MVP's, expert bloggers and lots of user groups. However, it can still be hard for your average SCOM guy to find a quick answer, or ask a simple question, to help get to the bottom of their current issue.

Now, thanks to the efforts of hundreds of users like Warren Haupt, we're helping deliver the answers SCOM guys need, provided both straight to them and also available for the rest of the Community to benefit from as well!


For those of you are new to Community Answers, we hope the name speaks for itself; it's a Q&A platform which allows you to ask a question about SCOM, OMS, SquaredUp or related technologies and to which other users can provide answers. Even better if someone's already asked the question, as we've hundreds of experts on hand answering questions every day, no matter the platform you're interested in!


From there, users can up vote (or down vote) answers and as the question author, you can select the best answer. If you ever used any of the hugely successful StackExchange Q&A sites (StackOverflow, Super User, Server Fault etc.), you'll recognise the format.

Got a burning question? Why not put it to the experts and join our Community AnswersBETA!