Set up Availability Monitoring from the end-user’s perspective

    Keep on top of your end-user’s experience by monitoring your apps with this useful tool.

    Monitor your Network with Link Dependency Monitoring

    Easily see the servers, their services and relationships, and quickly pinpoint the source of the issue.

    Communicate with Service Status Messaging

    SquaredUp’s out-of-the-box Status and Availability dashboards quickly displays your application availability – for easy user viewing.

    Share application status with the Business

    Explore our 5 part series on how you can share application status with the business using SCOM and SquaredUp.

    NOC Operator dashboard and the Root Cause perspective

    In less than a minute, you can identify the exact source of an alert, isolate the problem and take the appropriate action quickly. Learn how.

    SquaredUp version 4.8 is here

    This latest release is focused on addressing the most popular enhancements that our customers have requested. See what's new!

    Mustache pickers

    Learn what you can do with SquaredUp's mustache picker productivity feature.

    Working with a hybrid SquaredUp deployment

    Learn how to bring your SCOM dashboards into your Azure deployment.

    Coffee break: SCOM Update Rollup 2

    What improvements do we get with SCOM UR2? SCOM experts Leon Laude and Shawn Williams run us through the key changes.

    Tips from the field: Automated tagging of Azure resources

    See the Logic App we use to automatically tag our Azure resources (creator, creation date, expiration date) to reduce costs.

    Better Azure Resource Governance with SquaredUp 4.7

    The Summary Grid and Summary Bar visualizations display a count of resources across your Azure environment. Scope and drilldown according to your needs.

    Azure MP part 3: Using it with SquaredUp

    The best way to display your Azure MP data in SquaredUp.

    A Manifesto for SCOM Success

    Level up your SCOM monitoring game with SquaredUp CEO & Founder Richard Benwell's 5 top tips.

    Azure MP part 2: Configuring monitoring

    How to configure monitoring for actual resources or services with the Azure Management Pack in SCOM.

    Azure MP part 1: Installation

    Monitor your Azure resources with SCOM: VMs, IaaS and PaaS services including storage accounts, containers, Application Insights and more.

    Visualizing Azure Logs data with SquaredUp 4.7

    New visualizations for your Azure Log Analytics data. Easily identify problems and opportunities with these beautiful dashboards.

    Get enhanced Azure cost visualization with SquaredUp 4.7

    Easily identify under-utilized resources, drill down and take the appropriate action to reduce costs.

    Make sense of SCOM Alerts with SquaredUp 4.7

    These 3 alert-handling super-tools will help you get on top of your SCOM Alerts.

    SCOM Activity Log

    Get this real-time Activity Log for all the actions happening across your SCOM deployment.

    SquaredUp version 4.7 is here

    Our latest release of SquaredUp for SCOM and SquaredUp for Azure is now available. See what's new!