A walk through our pricing model

This week, Matthew Long and Nathan Coulson discuss SquaredUp licensing, activation and upgrades. License issues can lock users out of the product, so it's worth taking the time to understand how this all works, and what your options are.

We start out with a discussion around the three licences you receive as an enterprise customer (Primary, Secondary and Test licences), and how to leverage them correctly in your environment. Next Nathan walks us through performing offline activation, as well as some common licensing issues and how to resolve them (such as activation limits, and managing your named users).

Finally, we talk about migrating from v2 of SquaredUp to v3 from a licensing perspective, and what the upgrade process looks like should you wish to transition from a Community Edition license to an Enterprise Starter Pack (ESP) or Enterprise Application Monitoring (EAM) edition.

 The accompanying pdf slides can be found here.


What's up Next?

  • 15th August - Getting help with Community Answers

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