Advanced application availability monitoring with Squared Up

November 06, 2018

Advanced application availability monitoring with Squared Up

Join Matthew Long and Adam Kinniburgh as we take a deep dive on the new Application Availability Monitoring features in Squared Up v4.

Enterprise Applications provide a new way of surfacing application health to your IT teams and wider organisation, by tying together the internal health of the application, it's dependencies, and the health of the app from an end user perspective. In this webinar, we'll show you how we at Squared Up use the Availability monitoring feature of EAs to monitor and it's various subdomains. We start with a quick refresher on the intended availability monitoring use case, and then dig into what actually happens in SCOM when you configure monitoring from within the Squared Up and save your Enterprise Application.

We then take a look at how you can use SCOM Overrides to tweak the behaviour, by extending our out of the box functionality or modifying test behaviour for specific apps or test locations. If you'd like to use the script to override web tests, check out the links below.

Finally, we look at a sample use case of using the Custom PowerShell test type to hook into a URL testing service like Pingdom and aggregate the results of it's test into a health state in SCOM.



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