An in-depth look at Data on Demand

This week, Matthew Long and Wayne Plummer discuss the Data on Demand feature of SquaredUp. Data on Demand has been around since the launch of SquaredUp v3, but with the release of v3.2 and the PowerShell Monitoring MP, it's even easier to use and is much more powerful.

First, we take a look at what Data on Demand is, and how you can use the results of SCOM tasks to enrich your dashboards and alert perspectives with up to the minute information, which may be key to resolving an issue or understanding application health. The community Data on Demand management pack (which is a free open source MP released by SquaredUp) is a great starter here, as it contains many useful tasks for getting data from systems. If it doesn't contain what you need, we then take a look at how you can use the PowerShell Monitoring MP to author your own task from any existing PowerShell script, in just a couple of clicks.

We'd also like to encourage the SCOM community to come together and share tasks, as collectively there is a huge body of scripts and tasks that we could all benefit from if we pool our resources. If you haven't ever been on Community Answers, make sure you check that out and ask (or better, answer!) questions. Finally, if you have some great tasks you'd like to share and the MP authoring knowledge to put them together, check out the GitHub page for our Data on Demand MP and submit it! 

The accompanying slides are available here


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  • 8th August - SquaredUp Licensing

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