An introduction to perspective tile scoping

Join Matthew Long and Richard Benwell, as they discuss some of the intricacies of Perspectives in SquaredUp. Many SquaredUp tiles allow you to show information not from the targeted object but from related components. This enables you to vastly simplify one of the more complex aspects of SCOM for your users and drastically speed up information discovery during critical outages.

In order to make use of this ability, we first need to look at the SCOM component model and understand how classes and relationships interact. We show how you can use SquaredUp to discover the hosting hierarchy for any object, its class model, and what objects it relates to. Finally, we put this to use by creating a Server perspective that shows discovered software applications and roles for any server, and the distributed applications the server is part of.

And for those of you who would like the custom label mustache shown at the end of the episode, you can find it below.

{{classes[0].displayName}}{{#if path.indexOf(displayName)< 0 }} <strong>({{displayName}})</strong>{{/if}}


The accompanying slides are here.


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  • 30th May:    Application Monitoring

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