Announcing an exciting new license edition

By popular request and to coincide with the release of Version 3.2 of SquaredUp, we’re pleased to announce the availability of an exciting new license edition.

Our new ‘Enterprise Application Monitoring’ license (EAM) costs just $10,000 p/a and includes absolutely all features.

For starters, that means our ground-breaking Visual Application Discovery and Analysis (VADA) feature is now more accessible than ever, allowing you to automatically discover and map every single application within your enterprise IT estate, no matter how many applications or servers, for an incredibly low cost.

Considering that the cost of other products offering the kind of automatic application discovery performed by VADA often runs into seven (!) figures, sometimes covering just a handful of apps, we’re confident that VADA alone delivers incredible value for money, allowing you to build on top of your existing investments (of money, time, configuration, data collection and expertise) to deliver the results you want, rather than throwing away so much investment for a completely new stack that mostly delivers things you already get from SCOM. 

But ‘Enterprise Application Monitoring’ doesn’t stop at discovering and mapping your applications, that’s just a single feature. EAM also allows you to pull external data into your SquaredUp dashboards and drilldowns, seamlessly integrating multiple IT operations and monitoring data sources through a single pane of glass.

That means if you’re using the Log Analytics feature of Microsoft OMS, you can now pull that data straight into SquaredUp so that, for example, when troubleshooting an application performance issue you can immediately see the most recent software patches, configuration changes and RDP log-ons against that application, allowing you to get to root cause analysis faster than ever. Check out our blog, 7 great reasons to integrate your SCOM and OMS data, if you need any more convincing on why this is so cool!

But you’re not limited to Microsoft OMS; EAM includes our WebAPI Tile, allowing you to connect to multiple external datasets, such as ServiceNow and Splunk, via Rest APIs, and pull that data into your SquaredUp dashboards and drilldowns. Whether in the context of, say, an application that you’ve mapped using VADA, or for just a single server, you can now pull in data from ServiceNow (and many other tools) to show you open tickets, the service owner, recent change requests or any other relevant information, including hyperlinking through to that specific item in ServiceNow.

And, remember, because all external data integration in SquaredUp is performed on demand, there’s no heavyweight transporting or storing of data, just lightweight API calls allowing you to get the right data to the right users at the right time.

Needless to say, our Enterprise Starter Pack license is still available for customers looking to take the first steps on their journey with us, including great features like Open Access dashboards, allowing you to publish as many of your rich, HTML5 dashboards and drilldowns to as many users as you want, on a non-interactive basss.


EAM License: Key features, at a glance

Visual Application Discovery and Analysis (VADA)

Automatically discover and map your applications, tracing connections and dependencies across complex, multi-platform apps in real time, including saving back to SCOM as a Distributed Application.

OMS Integration

Seamless pull your Log Analytics data from Microsoft OMS into SquaredUp and integrate SCOM and OMS through a single-pane-of-glass, allowing your users to benefit from the value-add insights provided by OMS without having to be OMS users themselves.

Web API Integration

Use our WebAPI Tile to pull in data from multiple different external data sources, ranging from tools like ServiceNow and Splunk, to Cisco Prime, to PRTG and beyond, to enrich your dashboards and drilldowns with valuable, insightful data from your IT operations and monitoring tools beyond just Microsoft SCOM.

20 Named Users

Our new EAM license edition includes 20 individual Named User licenses, allowing you to provide full, interactive access to SquaredUp to 20 of your users / operators. For clients with larger user populations, we also have EAM50, EAM100 & EAM250 license editions available.


If you have any questions about out our new pricing and licensing options – either as an existing or prospective customer - please drop us a line via [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help.