Announcing SquaredUp 4.5 for Azure and SCOM!

By John KnowlesDirector of Product Management

We are excited to announce the release of new versions of our two flagship products: SquaredUp for Azure version 4.5 and SquaredUp for SCOM version 4.5.

Our product engineering teams have been working hard on the first big update since the launch of SquaredUp for Azure in November 2019, and have added some great new features and improvements based on customer feedback, including these beautiful cost visualizations


And, they’ve also added some great new capabilities to SquaredUp for SCOM, including the much anticipated dark theme!


For a demo of the new features take a look at the webinar 'SquaredUp – v4.5 Release' with our Chief Product Officer, John Shaw.

Here’s a quick summary of what’s in the two new releases:


SquaredUp for Azure version 4.5


  • Cost discovery tiles.You can now use the beautiful SquaredUp line graphs, tree maps and sun burst visualizations to enhance discoverability of your Azure costs.
  • Log analytics tile enhanced with line graph and donut visualizations. This lets you visualize all sorts of log information.
  • Alert donuts and drilldowns. The alerts tile has been enhanced so you can summarize alerts in our Donut chart for different scopes by severity, resolved state etc - with drill down to underlying alert information.
  • Performance tile enhancements.The heatmap visualization has also been added to the Performance tile so you quickly identify problems across a set of resources.  You can split metrics by dimensions helping you identity problem areas quickly!
  • Pinning perspectives (such as application maps) to enable easy sharing on navigation menus and via OpenAccess.


Find out more at What’s New in SquaredUp for Azure.


SquaredUp for SCOM version 4.5


  • “SCOMe” over to the Dark Side with the arrival of dark theme - users can choose which theme they prefer – the traditional light theme or trendy new dark one - in their Personalization settings
  • Pinning perspectives. By pinning your Perspectives to specific objects, such as a specific Enterprise App, Perspective Dashboards can be easily shared via Open Access on a wallboards, or with users without a SquaredUp login.
  • Log analytics tile. If you are using Azure Monitor Logs to log some of your data, even if SCOM is your main monitoring platform, you can connect to your Azure tenant and show views of that log data in SquaredUp, now including time series line graph and donut visualizations.


Find out more at What’s New in SquaredUp for SCOM.


We hope you love this version, and I’d love to hear your feedback and ideas for future releases; simply drop an email to [email protected].