Application Availability Monitoring sneak peek

April 25, 2018

Application Availability Monitoring sneak peek

This webinar gives a sneak peek at some upcoming functionality in the next feature release of Squared Up, Version 4.0, namely Application Availability Monitoring.

SCOM already has built-in capabilities for monitoring the health of your applications from an end-user or business perspective, but unfortunately these are either stuck behind extremely clunky UI or require specialised SCOM MP authoring knowledge. It's also far from straightforward to rollup health from your end-user tests into an overall health model that includes traditional infrastructure monitoring data and yet can be surfaced meaningfully for the rest of the business.

This behind-the-scenes webinar shows a preview of Application Availability Monitoring, just one new of the new features in Squared Up v4, and gives some early insight into how it fits with our new 'Enterprise Application' model. Application Availability Monitoring means it'll soon be easy to configure both simple web tests and advanced availability scripting scenarios using PowerShell, and to tie it all together with your applications' component and infrastructure health, as well as report that up to your business in a clear, consistent manner.

For more information on what's coming in Squared Up v4, you can also check out our previous webinar, Squared Up 2018 preview, linked to below.



Click here to download the slides for the session.


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