Awesome looking dashboards in just 15 minutes

In true SquaredUp style, we had a huge pile of Star Wars Lego on our stand at Microsoft Ignite this year, which is certainly one way to draw a crowd.

Of course, we like to put a little challenge in front of people and so, in order to win the Lego, attendees had to first download and install SquaredUp and build their first HTML5 SCOM dashboard.

Now, we’re not saying they wouldn’t have done that anyway, just out of sheer excitement at the product but, let’s face it, Star Wars Lego sure is a good motivator!

Lego really does capture the audience's attention!

For most enterprise software, the idea of seeing a demo at a show like Ignite and putting it into action right there and then would be ridiculous, but SquaredUp takes literally minutes to install and after that it’s a breeze building custom dashboards, even as a novice user.

Experience has taught us that once users get hands-on with SquaredUp, they’re instantly wowed and what starts as a bit of fun soon becomes the must-have tool for your enterprise IT Operations.

People don’t always believe that it really is that easy, so we like to put our money where our mouth is and, sure enough, what was true at Ignite last year was true again this year and the Lego flew from the stand.

We thought we’d share a bunch of our favourite dashboards from Ignite, all of which just go to show it’s amazing what you can achieve in 10 minutes when you put your mind to it…