How Purdue University delivered end-to-end application monitoring using SquaredUp & SCOM

Purdue University had a problem with monitoring but, unlike many organizations, had the foresight to consider, evaluate and re-think their strategy.

Against a backdrop of numerous failed or languishing attempts at delivering successful application monitoring, it became clear that the IT organization was struggling to overcome internal silos and get everyone engaged with the same data.

Confronted with the question, "So, what is the health of our applications?", it became clear that no-one could provide an answer and that it was proving impossible to accurately surface application availability to the business.

Driven by his enlightened CIO, Shawn Williams was tasked with taking a step-back, assessing the landscape and devising a strategy for delivering end-to-end application monitoring for Purdue University, and to do so predominantly using existing tools and investments.

Thanks to Shawn’s efforts, we're excited to share this very special Case Study with you, showing how Purdue delivered full-stack visibility for their Blackboard Learning application via a single-pane-of-glass, using SCOM and SquaredUp.

Purdue’s monitoring strategy includes rigorous outside-in monitoring, in order to show real end user availability, as well as deep infrastructure monitoring right across the application stack; from F5 Application Delivery Controllers to Linux Severs to Tomcat Databases all the way through to VMWare Virtualization.

In addition to their rich SCOM data, SquaredUp enables Purdue to dynamically pull data from additional tools like Azure Log Analytics and Xymon into a single-pane-of-glass UI, all within the context of a specific application. What’s more, thanks to SquaredUp’s unique Visual Discovery & Analysis feature, Purdue are able to automatically map applications and then view health and performance data right across a complex application topologies, providing users with comprehensive visibility of application and infrastructure health and performance, all within a single portal.

There’s a quick read PDF available for download below (5 minute read) but what’s so special about this Case Study is that Purdue have been generous enough to provide a live tour of their Production environment, showcasing the stunning performance and in-depth insights delivered by SquaredUp.

We believe it’s always worth maintaining a healthy scepticism about bold claims from software vendors. But we also believe that seeing is believing, and so we highly recommend you join Shawn Williams for a tour of Purdue ‘s environment and get a better idea of just how much you too can achieve with SquaredUp.


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