Coffee break: monitoring your Office 365 services

As you well know, many organisations are now moving to Office 365 in either a hybrid environment (Exchange on premise with Office 365 integration) or full cloud capacity. Yet, Microsoft still remains unable to provide much detail on how issues or outages impact your resources specifically – it’s just not enough to know that globally “Some users or tenants may be affected”. Your business needs to know if users are suffering and what proportion are impacted.

NiCE Office 365 MP

In good news, NiCE, aka the “Kings of Xplat” (as our founder Richard Benwell once affectionally called them), have built an amazing outside-in Office 365 MP. It integrates the monitoring of Office 365 with your existing Exchange and ADFS MPs, to provide end-to-end health of your mail, Sharepoint and Onedrive systems.

The MP includes lots of user-facing metrics and availability tests such as logon times, download times and mail send times, allowing you to provide service health dashboards to your business using metrics that really matter to them.

To learn more about how to use the MP to better monitor the health of your Office 365 services, hop on down to the video recording of our webinar, where Matthew Long and Adam Kinniburgh from SquaredUp chat with Christian Heitkamp from NiCE IT Management Solutions GmbH about how best to monitor the health of your Office 365 services.

Check out the links below to get more information on this MP and other offerings from NiCE.

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