Coffee Break: Service Manager Integration Part 2

Coffee Break: Service Manager Integration Part 2

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If you've already registered for our coffee break series, don't forget to update your calendar invitations to include reminders for all new upcoming sessions. Those that registered for our first batch of webinars will only receive reminders up until May 9th. The below calendar invitations will take you right up until early July. Don't miss out!

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Webinar Replay

Watch the replay of our second session on how to integrate Systems Centre Service Manager data into Squared Up using the SQL tile

The accompanying pdf slides are available here.

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Upcoming topics include:

  • 9th May - Role-based Profiles & Navigation
  • 16th May - Live from MMS
  • 23rd May - Perspective Tile Scoping
  • 30th May - Application Dashboards Using Perspectives
  • 6th June - PowerShell Monitoring Templates


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