Community Champions at Ignite

Come to Orlando with us for Ignite 2019!

As you know, we really value our awesome Community who have done so much to contribute to SquaredUp and SCOM. To show you just how much we appreciate you, we will be inviting our top Community Champion to come to Orlando with us this year, for Microsoft Ignite 2019!

This is on top of our monthly LEGO giveaways, during which our top contributors on Community Answers get to take home exclusive Star Wars LEGO. What are you waiting for? Get going and become a part of things: share your expertise, support your community, and don’t shy away from asking questions! We are all here to learn and help one another.

So, you might be wondering, how do I go about becoming a Community Champion? And how do I win this really cool LEGO? It’s simple. All you have to do, is be an active member on our Community Answers site. Ask and answer questions, up-vote existing answers, mark cases as ‘solved’, take part in discussions – just be a pal to our Community basically!

We're committed to doing everything we can to enable the wider SCOM & Azure Community to help one another with the challenges we all face on a daily basis. To encourage and expand the Community, we've got lots more exciting opportunities ahead for our future Community Champions – so why not join us today? Head on over to our Community Answers site now and start contributing!