Community Round-Up: June (1)

Catch up on the latest Azure Monitor, SCOM and SquaredUp news

Wow, what a month for the SCOM community! June brought us SCOMathon, the world’s first virtual SCOM community conference with over 1,600 people joining 16 hours of content from speakers all over the globe. Don’t worry if you missed the live action, the day’s most in-demand sessions are now available on the SCOMathon site with more to follow soon!

In Azure Monitor news, our June highlights include an overview of the latest Azure Monitor features and insights, plus a link to the new ‘Inside Azure Management’ book published by community heroes Kevin Greene, Stanislav Zhelyazkov, Tao Yang and Pete Zerger!

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Azure Monitor

Aggregating and Visualizing Data with Kusto

Take your Kusto skills to the next level – learn how to use aggregation functions, visualize query results and put your data into context.

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The latest Azure Monitor features and insights

Senior Microsoft Product Manager Rahul Bagaria runs through the new capabilities in Azure Monitor that improve native integration with Azure, enable easier onboarding at scale and support enterprise security + compliance needs.

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Use Azure Policy to deploy Azure Monitor at scale

Brian Wren, Senior Content Developer at Microsoft and Mick Alberts, Technical Editor at Aquent join forces to bring you this article describing methods for using Azure Policy to implement Azure Monitor at scale.

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Managing Overrides to Azure Monitor and Azure Sentinel Rules

Microsoft MVP & Azure expert John Joyner shows how to use existing Azure features to distinguish between built-in and custom exceptions to the standard settings.

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Free download! ‘Inside Azure Management’ book release

Azure pros Kevin Greene, Stanislav Zhelyazkov, Tao Yang and Pete Zerger teamed up to release this book for the Azure Management community. Grab a copy here.

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Deep dive into Azure Monitor Workbooks

In this post, Microsoft Senior Customer Engineer Vanessa Bruwer showcases a workbook to visually report on computers missing updates using Kusto queries in Log Analytics.

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Azure Monitor virtual series ‘Monthly Connections’

To help you get even more out of Azure Monitor, join the Azure Monitor team on June 30th, 2020 from 9-10AM PST for the latest product updates and a real-time Q&A session.

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Azure Monitor Resource Manager template

This article provides sample templates for different Azure Monitor features, showing how to deploy and configure Azure Monitor at scale using Azure Resource Manager template.

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Using Azure Monitor data to schedule reports

Microsoft Senior Premier Field Engineer Warren Kahn shows how to take data in an Azure Monitor Logs workspace and create a report that can then be scheduled.

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New Query experience for Log Analytics

Check out these example queries designed to provide instant value to your Log Analytics experience.

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IntelliSence improvements now available for Azure Monitor Logs

See this list of new IntelliSence features to make query and insight creation quicker and easier in Azure Monitor Logs.

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