Catch up on the latest SCOM, Azure Monitor and SquaredUp news

As we finally head into spring after a long and difficult winter in lockdown, we are gearing up for a few exciting and unmissable events – our first user conference SquaredUp Live in April and the well-loved SCOMathon in June!

This month’s community highlights include: results and expert analysis for The Big SCOM Survey, Cookdown’s four methods to send SCOM alerts to ServiceNow, Thomas Maurer’s discussion of the features and benefits of the Hotpatch for Windows Server Azure virtual machines, and Billy York’s demonstration of how the Azure Application Change Analysis can track changes to Azure Resources.

In other SquaredUp news, our new product Dashboard Server is now available – you can now dashboard anything (not just SCOM and Azure), for free! Check out our Tips & Tricks and Dashboard Server Learning Path series to get the most out of the tool.




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