Community Round-Up: May

Catch up on the latest Azure Monitor, SCOM and SquaredUp news

The Community spirit is thriving in spite of COVID-19, but if you’re still missing the community events like we are, then we’ve got good news for you. We’re thrilled to announce SCOMathon  – the virtual SCOM community conference you won’t want to miss. SquaredUp, Cookdown & NiCE have teamed up to bring you 16 hours of awesome SCOM content from world-class speakers all over the globe, live on 16 June. Save your spot here!

If you’re part of the crew struggling with managing Azure costs, check out Adam Kinniburgh’s 10 essential tips on managing Azure costs, or sign up for our upcoming webinar (4 June) where we share 6 steps we took to regain control of our Azure costs at SquaredUp.

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Azure Monitor

In preview: Azure Monitor for Containers support for Azure Red Hat OpenShift

Azure Monitor for Containers is extending monitoring support for Kubernetes clusters hosted on Azure Red Hat OpenShift.

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Monitoring Microsoft Endpoint Manager Infrastructure

How to migrate from SCOM to Azure Monitor, and best practices for effectively monitoring Microsoft Endpoint Manager Configuration Manager.

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Tables side pane improvements in Azure Monitor Logs

Check out the significant enhancements made to the tables side-pane experience - improving how Azure Monitor Logs organises and displays tables.

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Azure Monitor Logs – selecting multiple resources

Azure Monitor Logs now supports the selection of multiple resources of the same type across scopes – here’s how to do it.

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In preview - Azure Monitor for Azure Cache for Redis

Understand the benefits and features of Azure Monitor for Azure Cache for Redis, and learn how to adapt the experience to fit your organization’s needs.

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Securely connect networks to Azure Monitor with Azure Private Link

Learn how Azure Private link works, and understand the advantages such as privately access services on the Azure platform & protection against data leakage.

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Understand Azure Monitor

Microsoft Specialist & Lead Architect James van den Berg shares a video series to help you better understand and make use of Azure Monitor.

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Community Azure Sentinel Syslog Workbook

Microsoft MVP Billy York shares his dynamic Azure Sentinel Syslog Workbook with the community!

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Introducing SCOMathon 2020

SCOMathon is a virtual SCOM community conference on the 16th of June, organised by SquaredUp, Cookdown and NiCE to enhance networking, knowledge and sharing of best practice across the global SCOM community. Expect 16 hours of all things SCOM – save your spot here!

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SCOM 2012R2 to SCOM 2016 Upgrade Checklist

There is no direct in-place upgrade path from SCOM 2012R2 to SCOM 2019, but Kevin Holman has written an in-place upgrade checklist for you!

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Security Monitoring MP for SCOM

SCOM expert Nathan Gau announces Security Monitoring MP for SCOM that provides real time notifications for events worth investigating.

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In the event of failure - set maintenance mode for a group of servers

If you’ve had relatively consistent errors within a given network, check out this script to set maintenance mode for SCOM servers.

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Management Pack for Windows Server Remote Access

This MP will discover and monitor all your RRAS servers on Windows Server 2012 and later.

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Public Preview: Azure SQL Database Managed Instance MP for SCOM

If you have a hybrid data environment and SCOM is your preferred monitoring solution, you can now use it to monitor your Azure SQL DB managed instances in addition to on prem SQL Servers, SQL VMs, and Azure SQL DBs!

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Management Pack for Windows Server Backup

IT pro Kevin Holman shares an MP that helps discover when the Windows Server Backup Feature is installed on your servers and automatically monitors for backup job success or failure.

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How to remove large numbers of agents in SCOM

Check out Kevin Holman’s PowerShell scripts for deleting a large number of agents in SCOM from a text file.

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