Catch up on the latest Azure Monitor, SCOM and SquaredUp news

Holiday season may be fast approaching, but things in the community have still been busy as ever! SCOMathon announced their Workshop Week – 5 days of community-led SCOM workshops from 7 to 11 December. Silect’s MP University returned to the fold, with Cookdown presenting ‘PowerShell + REST APIs = The Easy Way to Integrate Data into SCOM’ and SquaredUp’s Shawn Williams hosting ‘Author your own SCOM reports using the SCOM Data Warehouse and SSRS Report Builder’.

In other news, SCOM pro Ruben Zimmerman released a multi-part series on monitoring O365 with SCOM, Cameron Fuller shared a handy step-by-step guide to color-coding within an Azure Monitor workbook, and Azure experts announced the return of the festive tech calendar.

Oh, and take a sneak peek at our biggest product update, SquaredUp version 5.0, coming soon!

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