Community Round-Up: September

Catch up on all the SCOM, Azure Monitor and SquaredUp news

With Autumn creeping up on all of us in the Northern Hemisphere and holiday season slowly trailing to an end, our SquaredUp Community has been hard at work! Some September highlights include Ruben Zimmerman’s Basic Webservice Watcher MP and Brian Wren's handy tutorial on Filling SCOM Gaps with Azure Monitor

Community Answers - SCOM - Azure Monitor - @SquaredUp

Community Answers

Tips, tricks and discussion topics of the month

Permission to author or modify sensitive queries

How to delegate permissions for constructing queries for non-SCOM admins in Team folders.

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Email alerts for EA Servers

Know how to set up alerts that go to EA application owners when the EA goes red? Share your expertise.

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Easy Tune without internet access

How to use Cookdown’s Easy Tune MP when the Systems that run it don’t have internet access.

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New free MP in the Community Catalog!

Use Ruben Zimmerman’s Basic Webservice Watcher MP to monitor Apache, Tomcat and other common web services with SCOM.

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Displaying system specs

How to display system specs in a dashboard.

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Congratulations, September's top contributor…

Ruben Zimmerman

We would like to say a big thank you to Ruben Zimmerman, for sharing a new Basic Webservice Watcher MP with our Community. As a token of our appreciation, you get to take home some awesome Star Wars LEGO!

Every month, our editorial team give a box of LEGO to our most fabulous contributor. We will also be giving away tickets to IGNITE 2019 for the top contributor of the year – our Community Champion! Get involved for a chance to win, win, win!


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