Daily Ignite Briefing: Highlights from day #3

Our third day was a bit of a different one. We started off the morning with a SCOM roundtable session that featured presentations from Microsoft, NiCE, Cookdown and SquaredUp. Later in the afternoon, our CEO and Founder Richard delivered a talk on “Mastering Azure Monitor”, and then as usual we did a couple customer briefings, a few customer case studies, and loads and loads of demos – also gave out loads of LEGO! Most excitingly, today was the day of our SquaredUp party – aka the Ignite party to be at!


We attended a few sessions in between all the action and here’s what we found interesting.

AFUN70: Keeping costs down in Azure

Speaker: Sarah Lean, Microsoft Cloud Advocate

Judging from how this session was held in an almost-fully packed out massive auditorium, it seems many people are eager to learn more about keeping cloud costs down. Microsoft Cloud Advocate Sarah Lean started the session by breaking down the differences between estimating on-prem costs and cloud costs. It’s a very different set of considerations with cloud cost estimating.

She then proceeded to do a thorough demo of Azure Pricing Calculator, running us through how to estimate costs as well as set spending limits and quotas.

These are some things she suggested we consider when trying to reduce costs.

She then moved on to demo Azure Cost Management, which allows you to track and analyse cloud usage and expenditures for both your Azure resources and other cloud providers, such as AWS and Google.

She also showed us how to utilise tagging to identify cost owners and how to use Role Based Access Control (RBAC) to restrict who has access to create resources.

She then did a demo of how Azure Cost Management is able to pull in cost data from third parties like AWS.

Here's a summary slide:


MOD20: Moving your database to Azure

Speaker:  Laurent Bugnion, Microsoft

We also attended this demo-rich session that demonstrated how to take your existing database to the Azure cloud.  Humorously, the venerable Northwind Traders was "acquired" by the (Azure based) Tailwind Traders and this session was focused on the second part of migrating the databases to Azure from their on-premises components.  All-in-all, it was a great walk-through, but aside from watching Laurent click-through the portal, not much new information was presented.  Towards the end of the presentation, Azure Migrate was referenced which leads us to believe that Azure Migrate is going to be the sleeper hit of the year.  There's obviously more going on there than meets the eye.  Here are some of the highlights of the presentation:




BRK3174: SCOM 2019: Customer Success Stories and What's Next

Speakers: Vithalprasad Gaitonde, Christoph Pfurtscheller, Petr Volprecht, and Hitesh Sharma, Microsoft

Summary:  Today was THE day for all SCOM-mies!  This was the SCOM's only session at Ignite and boy was it an excellent session.  To be honest, it was a really well attended session, it had two excellent guest speakers, and we learned about some of the short-term plans for SCOM.  There was even time for an excellent Q&A session!  (There was even a cool partner slide!)  All of that being said, you're going to have to wait for the full write-up, where we promise to go in-depth and bring you all the insights we gained at this talk first hand. Tonight is SquaredUp's party and we’re dying to talk shop…  watch this space for more information!  :-)

SCOM Roundtable session

Our monitoring roundtable session kicked off with coffee and breakfast.


Then the Microsoft SCOM product team presented on SCOM 2019, SCOM’s release history, as well as what more is to come.


This was followed by our CEO and Founder Richard’s presentation on SquaredUp, Christian Heitkamp ’s presentation on NiCE IT Management Solutions, and Bruce Cullen’s presentation on Cookdown.

We then had a customer case study panel in which Shawn Williams from Purdue University and Brett Chevalier from Children's Hospital Colorado shared their experiences using SCOM and SquaredUp, followed by a lively Q&A session.


A big thank you to everyone who got out of bed to show up at 7.30am for this! We hope it gave you the opportunity to get your questions answered and make some great connections.



SquaredUp party

To round-off an amazing day we had our SquaredUp party at Bahama Breeze, where (if you can't tell from the photos) we had a whale of a time with our favourite customers :-)


...Topping it all off with a little boogie at the Blue Martini.


Thank you to everyone to came to our party - or dropped by our booth! We hope you're having a lovely day at Ignite. See you tomorrow! :-)