Daily Ignite Briefing: Highlights from day #4

What an amazing week we've had at Microsoft Ignite! Final day highlights include an insightful Azure Monitor expert panel discussion, our LEGO grand prize giveaway, as well as sessions on migrating to the cloud and Windows Admin Center.


Azure Monitor expert panel 

Due to feedback that some of the MS Ignite sessions were pitched at a level too basic, we decided to host a Q&A session with some Azure Monitor experts to allow attendees to get their burning higher level questions answered. 

Panel experts were MVP Martin Ehrnst, MVP Billy York, MVP Jesper Jensen and David Allen from Lloyd's of London. The session was hosted by our CEO Richard Benwell.


Thank you for coming with your great questions - a full Q&A session write-up will be available in the coming weeks, so watch this space!



Session highlights

BRK2048: Windows Admin Center: What's new and what's next, Daniel Lee, Microsoft

Speakers:  Daniel Lee, Microsoft

Looking at the Windows Admin Center (WAC) through the lens of an IT Pro, we can see the appeal of having all of our toys in one place and this generation of WAC is a pretty slick toy indeed!  They recently announced an updated Perfmon tool (as soon as that session is posted, we'll have to review it) and a new network packet capture tool called PacketMon. They also demonstrated a slick way of adding a GUI to server core using the new Chromium based Edge browser and WAC.  Truthfully, there was a lot of information in this session that probably needs to be properly unpacked in a more thorough session to fully appreciate what Microsoft is doing around WAC for the IT Pro (and how our awesome WAC plug-in fits in this model!).


BRK2199: Accelerate your digital transformation journey, Seam Morris (New Signature), Evelyn Padrino (Microsoft)

Speakers:  Sean Morris (New Signature), Evelyn Padrino (Microsoft)

Summary:  Full disclosure, we attended this session expecting a partner presentation and not a lot of technical content.  While it was a partner session, kind of, it was surprisingly well put together and it had a really cohesive message!  Evelyn focused on setting up an excellent foundation on what a successful on-premises to cloud journey should look like and then highlighted one particular partner and their story.  Overall the message is one that should be shared more broadly!  A number of Microsoft Assessments were highlight (available for free) that should help with any cloud migration. 



LEGO giveaway

Last but not least, we ended off Ignite 2019 on a massive high - with our biggest LEGO giveaway yet! 80 lucky winners walked away with Star Wars X-Wings. Congratulations!

Grand champion - Sylvain Jacquemard!

And, for submitting the best dashboard built with a 30-day free trial of SquaredUp for Azure (on an iPad, no less, which goes to show how easy the software is to use), our grand champion Sylvain Jacquemard got to take home the biggest and baddest boy - the Millennium Falcon! Those 7500 pieces should keep him busy every weekend until Christmas.


And... that's a wrap! Ignite 2019 has been an absolute blast for us - and we hope for you too! It's been so nice to finally meet each and every one of you who came by to say hello. Have a safe trip home and catch you again next year.


Signing off,

The SquaredUp team