Dashboard Pack for HPUX Servers

More community goodness this week, once again from Andre Schoeman, who’s put together a new Dashboard Pack for the SCOM Management Pack for UNIX and Linux Operating Systems

The Dashboard Pack is focused specifically on HPUX Servers and contains

  • a Dashboard providing a high-level overview of your HPUX Servers, including a Dynamic Table visualization.

A dashboard providing a high-level overview of HPUX Servers

  • Drilldown Perspectives for each individual server, covering health and performance data for Network, Memory and Disks, as well as an Overview Perspective which includes a great Dynamic Table visualization of the health of the individual disks hosted on the server.

Drilldown perspectives which show health and performance data for each individual server


The Dynamic Table visualizations for Servers & Disks is a really useful component within this Dashboard Pack, meaning you can easily add an at-a-glance look at the KPIs for Servers and / or Disks into any overall application dashboards or perspectives.

It also means that when you switch our Visual Application Discovery & Analysis feature into ‘Analyze’ mode, you’ll get a full visualization of the health and performance of your HPUX Servers as part of your VADA application map.

If you’re managing an extremely large estate of HPUX Servers, you may want to consider scoping the global dashboard provided down to something a little more specific, but that’s easily done within the Dashboard Designer and this Dashboard Pack provides you with everything you need to get started.

To get underway with the Dashboard Pack, simply head on over to Community Dashboards. Remember, the Dashboard Pack is reliant on having the SCOM Management Pack for UNIX and Linux Operating Systems installed in your SCOM environment. A massive thank you to Andre for another great community contribution!

If you’d like to contribute a Dashboard Pack for a specific MP, we’d love to hear from you; simply drop us a line via [email protected]