Dashboard Pack for Kemp Load Balancers

Our latest blog is all about Community power in action, combining a free Management Pack for Kemp Load Balancers written by Daniele Grandini, MVP, with a brand-new Dashboard Pack from a rising star of the SquaredUp Community, Andre Schoeman.

Kemp are a popular vendor of Load Balancers (also known as Application Delivery Controllers), offering a cost-effective alternative to the likes of F5 or Citrix Netscaler. Thanks to an open source Management Pack from by Daniele Grandini, you can monitor your Kemp appliances using SCOM, providing a direct line-of-sight into their overall health, as well as surfacing performance information like transfers-per-second and response time, which are crucial to ensuring your application is running effectively.

Now, thanks to the efforts of Andre Schoeman, there’s a SquaredUp Dashboard Pack for this MP, containing;

  • A dashboard providing a high-level overview of your Kemp devices, including Dynamic Table visualization, to give you at-a-glance info on their KPIs

The Kemp Load Balancer Dashboard Pack provides a succinct overview for all Kemp devices.The Kemp Load Balancer Dashboard Pack quickly detailed core KPI information.


  • Drilldown Perspectives which visualize heath and performance data from the Kemp MP on a per-appliance basis, allowing you to take a detailed look at the health of, for example, the Real Servers and Virtual Servers of an individual appliance.


Drilldown Perspectives provide detailed performance metrics for the Kemp Load Balancer.

Another example of performance metrics being surfaced by the Kemp Load Balancer Dashboard Pack.


The Dynamic Table visualization is a particularly nice addition and means that, for example, you can easily add the health of the appropriate Load Balancers into an overall application dashboard or perspective.


Quickly identify application health states affected by your Kemp Load Balancers.


It also means that when you switch our Visual Application Discovery & Analysis feature into ‘Analyze’ mode, you’ll get a full visualization of your Kemp appliance(s)


Discover which applications rely on Kemp Load Balancers using SquaredUp's Application Mapping and Discovery Tool - VADA.


To get underway with the Dashboard Pack, simply head on over to Community Dashboards where you’ll find everything you need to get started. Remember, the Dashboard Pack is reliant on having the Daniele’s community MP for Kemp installed (details above). A big thanks go out to both Daniele and Andre for their stellar community contribution!

If you’d like to contribute a Dashboard Pack for a specific MP, we’d love to hear from you; simply drop us a line via [email protected].