Get in control of your OMS solutions and costs with these free SCOM Management Packs

There are some really cool community Management Packs out there and we were pleased to present a few of them to audiences at Experts Live in Berlin last month.

Of all the MPs out there, we think that this suite of OMS Administration MPs from Nathan Foreman really stands out from the crowd.

Unlike with SCOM - where the user has control over when and if solutions and updates are deployed - Microsoft is in total control of solutions and updates with OMS.

With OMS users at the mercy of Microsoft, it's easy to quickly burn through your budget and feel a bit helpless that you have little control over crucial changes in your production environment.

Nathan ran into this exact issue in his organisation, so he created a couple of Management Packs to give users much more visibility and control over OMS data, which he's now kindly shared with the community.

OMS Administration Management Pack 1

The first MP controls which agents get which solution. This is extremely useful if you like the look of a solution but don't want it enabled across your entire estate for costs reasons or otherwise. You can use this MP to target a solution at a specific agent and enable/disable solutions for specific SCOM groups.

OMS Administration Management Pack 2

The second MP acts as a gatekeeper for OMS updates. When Microsoft update an OMS solution, you'll get an alert through the MP so you can be in control of when it's deployed into production. It's then in your hands to decide whether to ignore it, deploy it into staging first or take any other course of action.

Does that sound like something that could make your life with OMS a lot easier?

If so, you can download the MPs from here and we'd also recommend listening to an excerpt from one of our Coffee Break webinars discussing the MPs and how they work: