Getting started with SquaredUp

We've been working hard behind the scenes to bring you a brand new on-boarding experience - Getting Started with SquaredUp.

To help anyone who's new to SquaredUp hit the ground running, we've carefully created and structured a host of useful technical resources to take you through from first baby-steps (how do I install this thing?) to starting to make the most of features like Open Access dashboards and Visual Application Discovery and Analysis (automatic application discovery and mapping).

The content covered includes;

  1. Installing SquaredUp
  2. First Look & Orientation
  3. Exploring Performance Data
  4. Building Your First Dashboard
  5. Sharing Your Dashboards with Open Access
  6. Integrating Visio Dashboards Into Your Dashboards
  7. Mapping an Application
  8. Customer Case Study - Purdue University


We're mindful that any new software has its own unique learning curve and there can be lots to take on-board, so this new guide takes that into account, laying out a structured journey but also allowing you to dip in and out, depending on which features you're most interested in. So don't worry, you're not expected to read it from top to one bottom in one go (although "bravo" if you do!).

There's not much left to say really, just to invite you to check out the content for yourself. Simply hit the big, bright orange button below.


Getting Started with SquaredUp



Sounds great. I'd like give Squared Up a try.

Awesome! If you'd like to try out the latest version of SquaredUp, knowing you'll be guided through everything from building your first HTML5 SCOM dashboards to automatically mapping an application, simply request a free trial and we'll take care of the rest.