Here's why everyone loves Donuts!

Here's why everyone loves Donuts!

One of the most eye-catching features in Squared Up’s v3.4 release (which you can learn all about here) is our new Donut tile.

The Donut tile is a highly effective new way to display summary data about a group of objects or alerts.

For example, in the screenshot below you can see the breakdown of server health and open alerts (by severity) across our entire SCOM environment (lab).


Our Donut tile summarising server health and open alerts by severity.


At a glance you can see how many objects or alerts are in any given state (for alerts, you can group by severity, priority or resolution state respectively).


At a glance you can surface the information you're most interested in.


If you want to drilldown into a subset of objects - for example the 7 servers currently in a warning state above -  then Squared Up will dynamically generate a specialised drilldown view, pre-filtered to only those objects (or only those alerts) that you’ve selected.

In just a few clicks you can drilldown into the data for richer context.


In the case of alerts, you’ll be presented with a dynamically generated list of the relevant alerts in a standardised view. In the case of SCOM objects, you’ll be presented with a dynamically generated view of the relevant objects, with key metrics surfaced via our Dynamic Table visualization in the case of servers, disks and web availability tests.

Examples of customer dashboards

The Donut Tile has proved very popular already and we’ve seen some excellent uses of the Donut Tile in live productions, with little wonder as the Tile takes literally less than 30 seconds to configure.

Below is a re-creation of a recent trialist's dashboard; their aim was to quickly build a top-level summary dashboard for their key groups and platforms.


A great example of a Donut tile dashboard in action!


Less than 5 minutes of custom dashboard building in Squared Up later, their Admins can see the health of their key systems at a glance and immediately drilldown into any unhealthy subsets to investigate further. Then, using the Open Access feature, this dashboard is easily shared with other stakeholders such as Management, Service Desk teams and Application owners, so they too can access this real time view of the IT infrastructure health at any given time.

Another common use of the Donut tile is to create overview perspectives for key top-level objects such as Computer Groups and Distributed Applications.

For example, a top-level dashboard aimed at, say, a managerial level, might show, say, the health roll-up of a group or application either as current health status using our Block Tile visualization (see below) and / the SLAs over a certain time period.


A top-level dashboard for the boss might use our Block Tile visualization.


However, for admins and operators who need to drilldown to see a more detailed view, it can be very helpful to create a custom perspective.

Squared Up’s ‘Total Dashboard Architecture’ makes it extremely easy to create a template drilldown dashboard (a.k.a. “a perspective”) targeted at a specific SCOM class, for example the class “Group”.

The beauty of the templating system is that it means you only need to create that view once and then any and every time a user drills down into an object of that class – for example, by clicking on any given group on the overview dashboard (shown above) they’ll be presented with summary data using the Donut Tile along with performance graphs.


Our Donut Tile featured in a dashboard containing more performance data.


We’re extremely pleased with the response to v3.4 and the Donut tile so far and will building on this new functionality in future releases, so watch this space for more exciting news…

If you’ve enjoyed this blog and would like me to show you how to achieve these results with the Donut Tile (and much more), you can book a technical session with me directly into my calendar here. If you’d like to know a bit more about me and my role at Squared Up in advance, why not check out my personal bio.

Thanks for reading!


PS: As a little treat for reading my blog, let me let you into a secret…There’s a special Easter Egg into the Donut tile 😊 I’ll leave it to you to see if you can figure it out, but your clue is to remember that we spell some words differently over here in the UK!

Nathan Coulson Program Manager

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