High Availability options with SquaredUp

This week, Matthew Long is joined by Adam Kinniburgh to discuss High Availability options for SquaredUp. Monitoring is a key part of Enterprise IT and many organisations have a mandate that such systems must be available 24×7. SquaredUp HA features a ‘farm’ model that allows you to load balance connections between multiple servers, all of which are active and can serve requests, automatically syncing content (such as dashboards) and configuration.

Adam walks us through how SquaredUp High Availability works, your options for hosting the file share used to sync content and facilitate communications between nodes, and some of the challenges you may encounter when attempting to load balance SquaredUp if you have Windows Authentication enabled.

Finally, we take a look at how to enable HA and some troubleshooting steps should you run into problems (hint: it’s all about file permissions!)

The accompanying pdf slides are available here

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