How to integrate PRTG with SquaredUp

“What kind of integrations do you have with PRTG?”

Yesterday, one of our favourite German customers asked us that question.

And today we post our answer in a blog post!

And without further ado, we’ll let our technical colleague Tom Morriss take centre stage.

How to integrate PRTG with SquaredUp

Tom Morriss, Customer Support Specialist

There are two types of integration that you can use to get information from PRTG into SquaredUp.

1. Web Content Tile

The first tile I am going to talk about is the Web Content Tile. With this tile you can pull in embedded web pages from PRTG.

Examples of use:

Example of a graph being pulled in below:

Results of above:

2. WebAPI Tile

This will require some setting up to allow you to use the API of PRTG. Below I have added some instructions on how to do this based on the demo from PRTG.

Firstly, you will need to have access to the system in your SquaredUp server. You can then click on WebAPI and add a provider to it looking like mine below.

The base URL I have used will be different from yours as I am using the demo from PRTG for my example.

Once you have created a provider like the one above it is time to setup a dashboard and add a Web API Tile. For my example I have used the WebAPI (Grid) tile.

When setting up the tile you will need to select the provider that you previously created like below:

Now under http mode you will need to add your API query to the field. Mine for example was ‘getsensordetails.json?id=7986’ and you can see this in the image below:

Once you have completed the above you will need to add some data to your request so that you do not get a 401 error when querying the API. I have also put another image below explaining this.

Now that the query is complete, you will want to format the data coming in. You can do this in the response data and in the grid columns options. I have added two images from my example below:

Thanks for tuning in!

Tom Morriss