How to migrate from SquaredUp v2 to v3

This week Matthew Long is joined by Andrew Harris from SquaredUp's Support, Test, and Systems team to discuss migration from SquaredUp version 2 to version 3. With the release of SquaredUp v3.2 this is now even easier as the new dashboard pack manager simplifies the migration process and makes it much easier to prune out dashboards you no longer wish to keep in v3.

First we discuss some of the important changes that have been made since v2 that may impact your migration - both from a technical perspective (dashboard format changes, the introduction of dashboard packs, side by side deployment) but also a presentation strategy perspective (the introduction of new tiles, Perspectives, and integrations). While you could just migrate all of your dashboards over into v3, this is a great time to review your monitoring practice and make adjustments if it's not achieving it's objectives. For a great example of this, check out our Coffee Break from a few weeks ago with Purdue University, where they outline their journey with SCOM and SquaredUp.

Then we take a look at dashboard packs, which are similar to SCOM management packs, which allow you to import dashboards, perspectives, and even new functionality into SquaredUp. The v3 migration tool uses dashboard packs to migrate your content, so understanding these is key, not only to the migration process, but also moving any dashboard automation you may have created on v2 into a v3 environment.

Finally we look at some sample migrations, including the standard use case but also some of the optional arguments you can provide to the migration tool to change it's behaviour (for example, trying automatically converting suitable dashboards into perspectives). Andrew also walks us through restoring your v3 environment should something go wrong with the migration process, and shows us a KB article where we can get full information on the migration tool (see below).



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