Integrating APM tools with SquaredUp

Join Matthew Long and Richard Benwell as they discuss integrating Application Performance Management (APM) tools into your monitoring strategy alongside SCOM and SquaredUp.

APM tools are a new breed of monitoring tool that take an application-first approach to discovering and monitoring the health of your key line of business apps. As such, they differ fundamentally in several ways from traditional infrastructure monitoring tools such as SCOM.

During the webinar, we give an overview of some key features of APM tools and define what we consider to be an APM tool - there are a lot of vendors in this space and APM has become quite a diluted term. Next, we compare and contrast these tools with SCOM, and discuss if you need one if you have the other.

Finally, we show a sneak peek of a feature from the next version of SquaredUp, where we can easily integrate with and display Azure Application Insights data on the same dashboard as SCOM data, Log Analytics and ITSM data for a true single pane of glass experience.


You can download the accompanying slides here.


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