Introducing SquaredUp 4.0

Up until this point, IT's strategic importance to the business has been typically underplayed - and with only 9% of IT departments admitting they use business related metrics to measure success, it's easy to see where this confusion lies. The business cares about applications, not servers and disks.

Unable to scale application-focused monitoring to their entire IT estate, IT are typically embroiled in a constant battle to make sense from all the infrastructure monitoring noise. Leaving very little time to focus on long-term, strategic projects. Ultimately, IT spend the majority of their time trying to figure out why one of their hundreds of apps are down.

Enter SquaredUp 4.0 - true end-to-end application monitoring for all your business applications.

It's our mission to help our customers do more with the data they already have - and this starts with Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM). Organizations don't need more data, they need context. SquaredUp 4.0 leverages your existing investment in SCOM and puts all that juicy monitoring data in the context of key applications and services - helping IT to quickly isolate the root cause. Better yet, we can dynamically pull in information from all your other disparate monitoring tools, so you can build a comprehensive overview for application performance.


In short, it's Distributed Applications done right...


What's new?

The introduction of Enterprise Applications enables us to take your Enterprise Application Monitoring experience to the next level, including:


  • Easy to configure availability monitors that offer genuine outside-in monitoring
  • Fast and painless application mapping across your infrastructure - down to individual databases and application components
  • Application status dashboards and SLA reporting that are meaningful to both the business and IT operations staff


In addition, we’re making it easier to roll out SquaredUp across your entire IT organisation with the introduction of Team Folders, allowing you to deliver a personalised dashboard and monitoring experience to each of your IT teams.

You'll also see some awesome new dashboard features, including richer data visualisations with the Matrix Tile, improved Community Dashboards integration and, of course, we continue to push the performance boundaries of SCOM with our fastest dashboards yet.


More information

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