Microsoft to retire GSM in December 2018


Global Service Monitor (GSM) checks the availability of web-based applications from different geographies across the world. Why is that important? It gives an insight in to the end user’s experience, and how well the application works for them. It also allows the monitoring expert to isolate network from application issues.

And the best news? SCOM takes that awesome data from GSM and beams it into the console.


What is happening to GSM?

Sadly, Microsoft will shut down GSM on 7 December 2018.

The Definitive Guide

To monitoring the Hybrid Cloud with SCOM

What are your choices?

OK, so you want to keep monitoring application availability? Here’s a couple of alternatives for you. 


Option One: If you're a SquaredUp customer...

You are in luck! SquaredUp offers several solutions. Use SquaredUp's application availability feature to monitor URLs from across the world. Or pull in data from global sources with our Application Insights integration. Or put our WebAPI tile to use and pull data from Pingdom or Uptime Robot.

Want to try SquaredUp? Grab a 30 day free trial here.


Option Two

And a different option, in the interests of impartiality :). Microsoft suggest to migrate your GSM tests to Azure Application Insights. They will move (free of charge) your existing tests and alerts. Application Insights provides for the same frequency, location and type of tests (single URL ping and multi-step web) as GSM.