New release: Performance visualization and improved alert management

New release: Performance visualization and improved alert management

Today, Squared Up Operations gets a number of updates that will help you monitor system performance and stay on top of alerts. The most striking update is the addition of visual indicators showing recent performance metrics. But that is not all: you can now filter alerts on the dashboard, differentiate between monitors and rules, and use custom alert resolution states. Get the update now


Performance visualisation

By integrating Squared Up Operations with the SCOM Data Warehouse, we are now able to display historical performance data. The data is shown using sparklines, enabling you to quickly spot trends and spikes in server performance. You can also choose your favourite metrics that you would like to bubble up to the server summary, giving you an at-a-glance overview of server performance.

Enhanced alert filtering

Now with one click, see the alerts that are most relevant to you, filtering by, for example: alert severity, resolution state alerts assigned to you.

Distinction between monitors and rules

Alerts raised by monitors and rules often require different responses. Squared Up Operations now distinguishes rules alerts (that usually need to be simply acknowledged or closed) from monitor alerts where often the underlying health state needs to be addressed. Adding this distinction to alerts allows you to quickly recognize the type of alert and act accordingly.

Custom alert resolution states

To fit with your alert workflows we now support custom alert resolution states (for example, you may have an 'acknowledged' resolution state). Use the alert view to update the resolution state and also add a note to provide additional information to the rest of your team. As with all Squared Up Operations features, this is available from your mobile meaning that you can quickly respond to alerts wherever you are.

Future updates

The features being released in this update are just the beginning of the roadmap of exciting new features that are in development at Squared Up. Integration with the Data Warehouse, as an example, opens up a huge range of visualization possibilities that we are working on - look out for these in future releases.

This update is free for existing customers. If you are interested in seeing these features in action, please get in touch for a trial.

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