New Release: Squared Up 4.1 is here!

March 26, 2019

New Release: Squared Up 4.1 is here!

Squared Up 4.1 just landed.

And what better way to start this announcement than the promise of more feature releases?! It’s been seven months since Squared Up 4.0, but the hard work put in by the development team since then has set us up for a bright, feature-rich future. All those juicy performance improvements and platform changes mean, moving forward, you can expect a new feature release from us every two to three months.

And as exciting as that may be (hint: very exciting), this blog was meant to be all about Squared Up 4.1. So, with that said, here’s a few of the highlights:


Simplified License Management

Existing customers will be pleased to learn that our licensing software has had a total revamp. Our new, intuitive naming conventions means you’ll know what licenses are deployed where. And for new customers, well, you won’t know any different. You’ll just experience its awesomeness from the get-go.


VADA performance and scalability

Visual Application Discovery & Analysis (VADA) just got better. Major performance improvements mean you’ll find it easier than ever to map and monitor your enterprise applications. Just think, with all your monitoring data put in the context of your key applications, you can finally wave goodbye to those pesky war room meetings when an app goes down.


New Licensing Model

We’ve made some exciting changes to our licensing model. And it’s good news for both new and existing customers. First off, we’ve introduced an Essentials package to cater for the needs of smaller businesses. A high-quality alternative to SCOM’s native dashboarding experience, the Essentials package includes:

  • HTML5 web console
  • Performance reporting
  • Alert management
  • Dynamic drill-downs
  • Dashboard designer


Next up our Enterprise Starter Pack (ESP) has been re-branded the Enterprise edition.

Along with a new name, the Enterprise license also includes features that were previously only available with EAM. At a glance, the new Enterprise license includes:

All the features of Essentials, plus:

  • Visio dashboards
  • Data integrations: REST API, Azure Monitor, SQL, iFrame and SCOM tasks
  • Team Folders
  • High Availability
  • Free Dev/Test license
  • Unlimited Open Access users


Finally, our Enterprise Application Monitoring package combines both our EAM and EAM plus licenses into a single tier, which will allow new customers to access application monitoring features at a lower price point and user level. This means anyone with an existing EAM license will now receive access to:

  • End user service status
  • Node dependency monitoring
  • Custom PowerShell availability monitoring


Ultimately, these licensing changes have been made to give new customers greater flexibility in the way that they choose to consume the product.

You’ll find more about these pricing changes here. However, should you have further questions about pricing, please feel free to ping our friendly sales team a message. They’d love to hear from you.


Wrapping Up

Whilst 4.1 won’t go down in history as our most feature-rich release, we shouldn’t downplay its significance. 4.1 actually represents a huge step forward for the business.

The fundamental changes made during this release means we’re set up to deliver shiny new features at pace. And with Squared Up 4.2 anticipated to land early in May, those platform changes will be kicking in to action almost straightaway…


Love, the team at Squared Up.

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