New resources for SquaredUp Version 3.0

To accompany the release of Version 3.0 and to help bring you up-to-speed with all the new features, we’ve put together a host of resources for you, covering everything from 30-second intros to deep-dive Masterclass content.



SquaredUp were honoured to be special guest presenters during Microsoft’s presentation on SCOM 2016 at Ignite in September, and the recording of that session is now available online. This gives a great 10 minute, top-to-bottom overview of Version 3.0 and what you can achieve with it.


Visual Application Discovery & Analysis (VADA)

Our new Visual Application Discovery & Analysis feature allows you to dynamically map your applications in real-time, view live health states across those applications and even save them back to SCOM as Distributed Applications, all powered by SCOM and Data on Demand.

You can watch a quick, 30-second video of VADA in action here or get a detailed technical introduction to the feature here


Total Dashboard Architecture (TDA)

Version 3.0 is built on top of our radical new Total Dashboard Architecture (TDA), allowing you to provide specialised, customised views on every technology stack monitored by SCOM.

To see Total Dashboard Architecture in action, you can check out our live, online demo lab and see the different Perspectives provided on, for example, a Web Server or an SQL Server


Our ultimate goal with TDA is to allow you to unify your Enterprise monitoring experience by providing a first-class, specialised monitoring experience for all of your IT users, across all of your disparate teams and technical specialities (eg. SQL, Hyper-V, Exchange, VMware, Citrix, Linux, Oracle etc)

To learn about TDA in depth, why not check out the recording of our recent Masterclass Webinar hosted by Product Architect, Richard Benwell, which takes a deep-dive into the subject, showing how it can be applied to everything from servers, disks, synthetic transactions and even alerts.


Data on Demand

Version 3.0 introduces the new concept of Data on Demand, namely the ability to leverage the power of SCOM Agent Tasks to automatically pull back any data, on demand, into your dashboards and drilldowns. You can get an introduction to Data on Demand in this short video tutorial  


Dashboard Designer

If you’re new to SquaredUp and want to get underway with building your own custom Dashboards & Perspectives, we’ve put together an introductory video on using our Dashboard Designer to help you get started  


Getting Started with SquaredUp Version 3.0

We run regular, weekly, “Getting Started” webinars to help get you up-and-running with SquaredUp as quickly as possible. You can sign up for one of our live webinars here or watch the recording of a recent session online


Masterclass Webinars

For something a little more advanced, join us for our Masterclass Webinars, which take a deep-dive into SCOM & SquaredUp technical content to help you make the most of your toolset. Coming up in the next couple of weeks we have webinars on Visual Application Discovery & Analysis (VADA) and Data on Demand which you can sign up for here


Online Demo Lab / Free Trial

You can check out SquaredUp live at any time in our online demo lab or sign up for a fully-featured, 30 day free trial via our website