Operations Manager 2012 Data Warehouse Health Check Script

One thing that’s clear to us from dealing with hundreds and hundreds of SCOM users worldwide, is that;

1 - most of them are struggling with fairly similar issues

2 - they're typically having a pretty tough time.

So, one of the big things we wanted to do when bringing Tao Yang on-board was use his expertise to help the wider SCOM community, whether they’re SquaredUp customers or not.

Tao’s done a tremendous job over the last few years producing tools and solutions to help fellow SCOM admins, but all of that had to be done on his own time, outside of his day job.

As a result, we felt that if we could allow Tao to get his head down and just focus on those solutions, then the SCOM community would really feel the benefit.

One of the first areas we asked Tao to look at is Data Warehouse performance, which is something that many users are either struggling with on a daily basis, or doing their best to ignore by never accessing the data. Either way, it seems a bit of a crazy situation and we’d like to see if we can help.

From our point-of-view, because SquaredUp opens up fast, easy access to performance reporting from the Data Warehouse, we directly work with a lot of customers who suddenly realise (i) they’ve got an incredible amount of useful data available to them within the DW (ii) they’ve got performance problems that need addressing!

At this stage, we’ll hand over to Tao directly to let him tell you more about the Health Check Script for the OpsMgr 2012 Data Warehouse that he’s put together on our behalf.

Big thanks also go out to the MVP who assisted Tao, including Marnix Wolf, David Allen, Daniele Grandini, Cameron Fuller, Simon Skinner, Scott Moss, Fleming Riis, as well as Microsoft’s Kevin Holman.


We thought that this might hit the mark and hoped it would be useful for the wider community and, judging by over 100 downloads in the first two days alone, it looks like we were right.

Thanks Tao!