Purdue University case study

This week, we were joined by Shawn Williams, from Purdue University, to present a case study on how Purdue have used SquaredUp and SCOM to deliver end-to-end application monitoring.

To set the scene, Shawn first talked us through some of the difficulties Purdue faced with application monitoring, painting an all too familiar picture of separate teams all working within disparate information silos, with no-one able to truly answer the question, "So, what is the actual health of our applications?"

Against this backdrop, Shawn's boss set him a challenge - deliver a truly successful end-to-end monitoring experience for one application (in this case Blackboard, a student/staff portal used by tens of thousands of users daily) to act as a lighthouse for the rest of the organisation and its monitoring strategy.

Having nailed his boss's brief, Shawn was kind enough to share us his live SquaredUp environment with us, showing us how he'd been able to fully map out the Blackboard application using Visual Application Discovery & Analysis (VADA), then on top of that DA create multiple different perspectives for the application to satisfy each of the different teams and audiences,pulling data for all of the many components involved in successfully delivering the the application into a single pane of glass.

As you'll see, the Purdue environment numbers just under 2,000 servers, all monitored by SCOM, including a large Linux estate, as well as VMware and F5 BigIP monitoring with specialist Management Packs and, within SquaredUp, also integrating several other data sources including Microsoft OMS, Cisco Prime, LibreNMS and Xymon.

Thanks so much to Shawn for taking time out of his busy schedule to show us his environment, share his hard work and act as such an inspiration to so many others facing similar challenges.


 The accompanying slides are available here


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