Revamped Online Demo Lab

Revamped Online Demo Lab

Our online demo lab is one of the key tools we use to give those who are new to Squared Up a taste of how the speed of HTML5 combined with modern, intuitive, thoughtfully designed UI/UX can totally transform your SCOM data.

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Unfortunately, we’ve been so busy adding new features to the product and working with a huge number of new clients worldwide that we’d rather neglected to keep the demo lab up to date with everything we’ve been working on.

So we decided to set some time aside and give the demo lab a bit of a revamp to ensure that it allows users to see all the latest features and the range of different visualisations that are available via Squared Up and our various plugins.

As it happens, there are so many different possibilities available that we’re still not all the way there, but the lab is certainly now a much richer experience than before.

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As a result, the demo lab now showcases SVG Maps, our Visio plugin, our KPI plugin and the Veeam Management Pack, as well as things like SQL Servers, Active Directory, SCOM Groups and so on.


We’ve also added a section to allow you to Explore Features that can’t be accessed via the demo lab but which are a key part of Squared Up. As a result, you can now see our In-GUI Dashboard Designer in action, view features like Editing Company Knowledge or Maintenance Mode and export all performance data to Excel.


Thirdly, as well as the live dashboards (which are all based on real SCOM data from our SCOM 2012 R2 lab), we’ve created some Visio dashboards  - such as this example Exchange dashboard - tied to custom data that we’ve put into the environment, just to give users a better feel for the visual capabilities of the Visio plugin.


The demo lab’s also been enhanced with some short guides and video tutorials so hopefully all the associated information and context users need is available from right within lab itself.

Everything you see in the online demo lab has been achieved using standard Squared Up features and functionality and that in itself is a great showcase of the flexibility Squared Up provides for incorporating external data sources and actions into your SCOM dashboards.

Last of all, we’ve made the demo lab open access, meaning you don’t need to register any details in order to access it if you don’t want to. We’re well aware that the daily lives of IT engineers are blighted by the sales teams of highly aggressive vendors who leap on any casual interest and deluge them with calls and emails.

Squared Up are different.

That’s why we put all our pricing online, so there’s no mystery and absolutely no need to talk to sales guys unless you actually want to.

So, if you want to take a little look around and get a flavour for the way that Squared Up revolutionises SCOM, it’s as simple as going to http://demo.squaredup.comPerf Dash

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