SCOM: Visio integration with SquaredUp

The Visio Tile in our Dashboard Designer allows you to easily integrate Visio diagrams with your SCOM data to create high impact dashboards, including application topologies, world maps, service status overviews, rack diagrams and many, many more. You can combine the Visio integration with any other data from SCOM, including performance data, SLAs, KPIs and more, to create rich, appealing and informative dashboards your users will love.

The real magic here isn't in the idea - integrating your SCOM data with your Visio visuals is pretty much a no-brainer - it's in how simple we've made the whole process for you. That means no more spending weeks wrestling with rubbish add-ons and plugins, just to try to create one dashboard.

The short video tutorial below walks you through creating a Visio dashboard in SquaredUp and shows how quickly you can master integrating Visio and SCOM data within your HTML5 dashboards; we guarantee you'll be able to deliver results within minutes.