Squared Up 4.2 just landed!

May 14, 2019

Squared Up 4.2 just landed!

We told you feature releases would come thick and fast!

And although it might seem that 4.1 was only announced last week, it's already time to introduce you to its bigger, better brother...


One dashboard for every Enterprise Application

Squared Up 4.2 is all about making it easier for you to author Enterprise Application dashboards, including: perspective hiding, auto-scoping for tiles and improved WebAPI integrations.

Exciting stuff, right? 

However, before you rush on over to our download site, we recommend catching up with the 4.2 release webinar. For those wanting more information, look no further than our Knowledge Base. Here you'll find our release notes, useful guides, and ton of detailed walkthroughs. 



All caught up? 

Now it's time to go and grab a copy of Squared Up 4.2 - download your copy here. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ping us a message via [email protected] - we're always happy to help 😊


Many thanks,
The team at Squared Up

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