SquaredUp and NiCE for Oracle

Monitoring Oracle database servers is a demanding requirement when you consider that physical design and maintenance can affect performance.

Recently SquaredUp caught up with Christian Heitkamp of NiCE IT Management Solutions GmbH to show off everything up and coming in SquaredUp version 3 and to work together on delivering great dashboards to beleaguered Oracle DBA's.

The NiCE Oracle Database Management Pack is a sophisticated management pack that collects the continuously provides performance data from your Oracle database servers allowing you to monitor individual components including:

  • Oracle instances
  • Listeners
  • Databases
  • Tablespaces
  • Datafiles
  • Real Application Cluster

Alongside SquaredUp, you can now deliver an Enterprise-wide view of you Oracle database infrastructure, by identifying server problems before they can affect your key business applications, surfacing important Oracle DB performance metrics alongside your technical server performance and delivering context specific information to tailored audiences.

We've launched two Oracle dashboards which are live in our free online Demo lab and also available for you to download right now from Community Dashboards

NiCE Oracle Overview Dashboard (Windows)

Online Demo | Download Dashboard


NiCE Oracle Performance Dashboard (Windows)


Online Demo | Download Dashboard