SquaredUp for Citrix Engineers - An Interview with Richard Benwell

Citrix Synergy is finally here and with it a major journey comes full circle.

Not so long ago, Richard Benwell was an integral part of the Citrix world, a Product Architect leading teams in charge of designing and delivering key Citrix products. But, armed with a vision of using data visualisation to tackle the problem of enterprise IT complexity, the same problem he'd seen Citrix admins struggling with time and time again, four and half years ago Richard founded SquaredUp .

With SquaredUp exhibiting at Citrix Synergy this week, Richard's back where it all began and we thought that was the perfect opportunity to ask him about the problems he set out to solve, the journey so far, why it matters to a Citrix audience and provide a special early look at the forthcoming new Version of SquaredUp.

The first video is the full interview, however if you'd like to just skip to the product demo, please select the second video below: