SquaredUp @ Microsoft Ignite 2015

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Now there’s been a chance for us to catch our breath and for the dust to settle, we thought we’d put together a little blog to recap on our week at Microsoft Ignite.

And what a week it was. From frantic last minute arrangements when we discovered half our equipment hadn’t made it to the McCormick Convention Center (thanks US Post Office! thanks FedEx!) to non-stop traffic on the stand throughout the week, our feet barely touched the ground.

The first thing that we’d like to say is a massive thank you to everyone who made us feel so welcome in Chicago, the reception we got at Ignite was simply incredible and the long days exhibiting on the stand absolutely flew by, we couldn’t have asked to meet a nicer crowd of people.

A huge amount of work went into preparing for the show and the efforts of our design team were reflected in a stand that stood out from the crowd and immediately caught a lot people’s attention.


But much more than the work of preparing for the show, all the logistics and marketing efforts involved, are the long hours that our engineering team pour into making SquaredUp an amazing experience for customers.

So, for us, the really great part is getting face to face with customers, showing them the product in action and getting to experience their reaction first hand.

And boy did they like it.

We could bore on with demo anecdotes for hours but if there’s a single story that sums up the week for us, it’d be the guy who looked pretty tired of being pitched at by vendors and opened by saying “you’ve got ten seconds to impress me”...and ended by high-fiving us.

We think he liked what he saw.



As well as wowing the SCOM community, particularly exciting for us was getting to show SquaredUp off to the much wider audience of attendees who were casually browsing the exhibition hall; SharePoint admins, infrastructure architects, SQL DBAs and the like.

Our wider mission at SquaredUp is to show this much broader set of user just how powerful and relevant a tool SCOM can be when transformed by fast, modern HTML5 and intuitive UI/UX, and so it was fantastic to show them the product and have them bring their SCOM colleagues back to the stand to take a closer look.

We think it’s safe to say that everyone liked the Lego Death Stars we were giving away too.

Although we left a lot of people disappointed (sorry guys) we did manage to make three people very happy, one of whom we’d like to pick out – Brett Chevalier of Children's Hospital Colorado – who made our week by stopping by to let us know that he’ll be giving his Death Star to the kids at the hospital.

Way to go Brett!

IMG_20150506_180615IMG_20150506_065234 IMG_20150507_211455

We also managed to make one lucky UK attendee very (very!) happy with our secret prize giveaway which we’d love to tell you what it was but….well, it’s still a secret. Hope you enjoy it Karen.


A big thanks also goes out to the MVP community – spearheaded by Tao Yang - for their support throughout Ignite, with an extra shout out to the amazing efforts of Daniele Grandini, who was working all week long, taking in customer feedback and continuously improving his community Management Pack for Hyper-V - https://nocentdocent.wordpress.com/2015/04/03/hyper-v-monitoring-with-scom-sysctr/

You can see him in action below (well, his screen anyway) busy coding away during one of the presentations. Luckily for the SCOM community, Daniele’s flights home were massively delayed, giving him an extra few hours at Madrid airport with nothing to do but work on the MP.

Way to go Iberia Airlines!

Stay tuned for updates on Daniele’s community Management Pack efforts and, specifically, SquaredUp dashboards for it, coming soon.


Daniele MP

Ignite was also a great opportunity for us to spend time with the System Center product team and so a big thanks too to Nagender, Jeremy, Richard, Liz and everyone else on the System Center team for their support out in Chicago.

One of the (many) highlights of our week was being invited up on stage to do a special guest presentation during Microsoft’s flagship talk on SCOM and we're happy to be able to share the recording of that presentation with those of you who couldn’t make it out to the event - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUc2RSaoHtI


We could go on and on – from the delicious food we ate (not at Ignite), to catching up with our friends in the System Center partner community, to some great late nights in whisky bars with our customers – but the main thing we want to end on is another massive thank you to everyone involved in making it an awesome week for SquaredUp and to let you know that we’re looking forward to doing it all again next year (except for the Chicago traffic. Ouch!)