SquaredUp: Total Citrix Visibility in 5 minutes

Next week at Citrix Synergy in Las Vegas, Citrix will be launching their newly acquired Management Packs for SCOM.

As an ISV who build on top of the SCOM platform, we think a lot of Citrix admins are going to be thinking, "Huh?! SCOM?! How is this relevant for me". In fact, those are probably polite words for the way the average Citrix admin would describe SCOM!

Well, we'll be Synergy, showing how data-visualisation utterly transforms the SCOM user experience and giving Citrix specialists a taste of why enterprises worldwide have been rolling out SquaredUp across their entire engineering teams.

We'll be doing live demos throughout the week but thought the build-up to the event was a good occasion to share some of our Citrix success stories so far.

Back in October, we were introduced to twitter user @stavernrocks (better known as Norwegian Citrix specialist Sondre Anderson) who, like many before him, was trying to get better visibility of his Citrix environment from SCOM.


Luckily for Sondre, it wasn't long before the SquaredUp community jumped in to help, including Microsoft PFE Danny Hermans, Veeam Vanguard Craig Dalrymple & Microsoft MVP Daniele Grandini. The message from experts around the world was loud and clear;

Spurred on by the promise that "you'll look at SCOM in a different light", Sondre download a trial and...well, you can see the results for yourself

Amazing – from zero hero in 5 minutes, even for a Citrix expert with limited SCOM experience

Ever since, we’ve had the pleasure of working with Sondre and his team to deliver great Citrix dashboards to thier organisation, even managing to catch up for a beer at the Nordic Infrastructure Conference earlier this year

2016-02-04 19.58.49(edit)

SquaredUp meet customers at the Nordic Infrastructure Conference:  Martin Ehrnst, Richard South and Sondre Andersen

But...the best is yet to come!

At Citrix Synergy we'll be unveiling Version 3.0 of SquaredUp, a huge leap forward for the product that, in tandem with the latest Citrix acquisitions, will deliver an unrivalled monitoring experience for Citrix, providing to user-to-metal visibility of your entire stack.

For a little sneak preview, check out the screenshots below and drop us a line via [email protected] if you'd like to meet us at Synergy and see for yourself.