v3.2: Massive performance improvements

A lot of the development effort that’s gone into v3.2 has been ‘behind-the-scenes’ rather than focused on new functionality - none more so than the performance enhancements we’ve introduced, specifically those focused on querying large datasets.

SquaredUp has always been known for producing amazingly fast dashboards and visualizations on top of SCOM, so much so that, when we first appeared on the scene, people literally couldn’t believe the results we produced.

Despite that, we’ve always thought that more could be done and so our core development team have been knee-deep in the SCOM SDK for the last couple of months (they’re a lucky bunch!) and have delivered some amazing results.

If a picture speaks a thousand words, hopefully a video speaks even more, so we thought we’d give you a quick glimpse of these performance improvements to whet your appetite.

In our demo lab, we’ve put together the biggest group we possibly can, the aptly named “Really Really Large Group”, containing over 3,000 objects. The video below shows a side-by-side comparison of a dashboard containing TopN performance charts polling across the entire Group. On the left, you can see the load-time of the dashboard in v3.1, and on the right, the exact same dashboard in v3.2.

Pretty impressive hey?

[We've set the video to start from viewing the dashboards, so you can see the dramatic improvement in load times side-by-side as that's where the real magic happens, but if you'd like to see how the dashboards are built as well, you can start the video from the beginning]



Hopefully your mind is already buzzing with ideas with regards to the new possibilities these performance improvements create in terms of building ‘reporting’ style dashboards and easily surfacing issues across your entire estate. Now, even in the largest enterprise environments, its viable to create and publish TopN and other dashboards that immediately highlight any over-burdened or under-provisioned servers, no matter how broadly scoped.

But much better than seeing this in a video created in our demo lab is to see it for real in your own environment, so why not take a free trial today and see SquaredUp in action for yourself?

Keep your eyes peeled with further v3.2 feature blogs over the next few weeks - some of you may have even noticed we've already published a blog on our Open Access engine improvements. Enjoy!