v3.2 release webinar recording

June 19, 2017

v3.2 release webinar recording

We're pleased to say that the recording of our v3.2 Release Webinar is now available, together with the slides. 


What's on the agenda? 

There's tons of news covered during the session, so here's just a quick taste of some of the new features demo'd live;

  • Massive performance improvements
  • WebAPI Tile enhancements
  • Root Cause Reveal (aka. Health State Highlighting)
  • Revamped Open Access engine
  • Improved Dashboard Pack management
  • Distinguishing Monitor and Rule alerts

Oh, and we nearly forgot! We’ve also introduced an exciting new Squared Up licensing edition, so if you’ve been lusting after features like Visual Application Discovery, OMS Integration and our WebAPI, be sure to check out the recording below or our new pricing page.


v3.2 Release Webinar: Replay


You can download a copy of the slides here.


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