v3.2: Root cause reveal and some awesome alert enhancements

As we've done for previous feature releases, we're bringing you a new blog series taking an in-depth look at the major new features in v3.2.

Today's blog looks at a neat new enhancement which, although not the ‘biggest bang’ feature, we think your users are going to love.

For those of you who would rather a succinct summary of all new features, look no further than our "What's new in v3.2?" blog. For those of you wanting a deeper dive, let's go...

Over here in the marketing team we thought this feature deserved a fancy name (we have to earn our keep somehow!) so we’re calling it ‘Root Cause Reveal’ but we don’t mind admitting that really it’s just a cool little UI enhancement.

In v3.2, whenever you see a Status icon in a Warning or Critical state, you’ll also see why that Object is in that state, with SquaredUp automatically surfacing the most recent, most critical, Monitor-based Alert for you.

This means that, at a glance, you can now see why your Objects are Red and quickly understand whether you need to fix the issue immediately or whether it can wait, without any further digging around to understand the cause of the health state change.