Visual Application Discovery & Analysis (VADA) in v3.1

Over the next few weeks we'll be publishing a series of short blogs to introduce the new features that are now available in SquaredUp v3.1. As it proved such a huge hit in v3.0, we thought we’d start by bringing you the latest news on VADA.

The big news is that VADA now supports discovery from Linux / Unix nodes, meaning you can map complex, cross-platform applications in full and view live health states and performance data across the entire application.

To enable this, we’ve also released a new ‘Data on Demand’ Management Pack for Linux / Unix, a lightweight MP which we’ve made freely available to the Community and publicly available on GitHub.

VADA also now has support for Component Groups and will automatically create groups and place individual nodes into what it believes are the correct tiers / groups. You can also easily adjust this manually, simply by dragging a node from one tier to another.


Similarly, you can manually add additional tiers of your own and even create vertically aligned tiers where appropriate.

One limitation of VADA is that, because it’s run on-demand, you’re reliant on there being active communication between nodes at the point of discovery in order for the connection to be discovered. Clearly, there are certain scenarios where this may lead to a node being excluded from an application topology; for example, if an application includes a server that runs a batch job overnight, or if a server that normally forms part of the application has temporarily been shut-down for maintenance.

However, in v3.1 VADA makes it easy to incorporate these known dependencies into your application topology with the ability to manually add nodes, assisted by a fast, simple search function.

As previously, once you’ve mapped your application using VADA, it can be imported into SCOM as a Distributed Application. A one-click download generates and exports a new .xml Management Pack ready for import; including the grouping to ensure those are created as Component Groups in the DA.


Additional Resource

If you’re not underway with SquaredUp yet, you can request a free 30 day trial or check out our online demo lab.

If you’d like to know more about VADA, you can check out a short video here.

If you’d like more information on our Version 3.1 release, you can check out the recording of our Release Webinar.