We've moved to a lovely new office!

The rate at which SquaredUp has grown has been pretty unreal.

We always believed that we were onto something special, even when there were just a few of us huddled in a small room with a big idea, but in our wildest dreams we could never have expected that so many huge enterprises around the world would embrace SquaredUp as quickly and as with as much enthusiasm as they have. 

From humble beginning, and we mean real humble (our first office was literally a tiny, little room above a Pizza Express), we moved to a larger, Star Wars themed office in Marlow.

Now, just a few years on, we've taken a major step up in the world, this time to a brand new, purpose-built office in the centre of Maidenhead, rubbing shoulders with neighbours like Blackberry, Adobe and ARM.

Words can't really do the new office justice, so we thought we'd just share a few pictures of it instead. Suffice to say, we're all enjoying the multiple collaboration zones, sit-stand desks and recording studio, and the ping pong table, table football and whisky bar are all getting a good workout too (in downtime only of course..!)

A massive thank you to all our clients - especially the early adopters who took the plunge and trusted this young start-up from Marlow to transform their IT operations - we wouldn't have been able to grow at the rate we have without your support.

We're very proud to be a 100% organic, home-grown startup with no investors, no backers, no VCs and we'll be keeping it that way. We think we're close to unique in achieving everything we have without any external investment and it's allowed us to focus on technical innovation and delivering what our customers want, rather than having to keep some money men happy. We don't think too many other software companies - from small start-ups to giant corporates - can truly say the same. 

We're pleased to say that the new office is the start of the next phase of our journey, with lots of exciting times ahead as we continue to grow the technical team and build on our core ethos of developing awesome software that delights our customers.